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Collectors of the UNC Herbarium

Information compiled by Carol Ann McCormick, November 2017

Allyn Austin Cook

(14 February 1927 – 3 February 2016)

The University of North Carolina Herbarium has catalogued approximately 30 specimens collected by Allyn Austin Cook, who consistently signed his name as “A. A. Cook” on herbarium labels. As NCU's collection continues to be cataloged, additional specimens collected by Cook will likely be found. All the specimens found thus far at NCU were collected in the summer of 1962 while he was doing research at Highlands Biological Station.3, 4

Specimen collected by Allyn Austin Cook, curated by NCU

FLAS (University of Florida Herbarium) has a few mycological specimens collected by Cook.  Specimens collected by Cook are being cataloged at , a consortium of herbaria across North America. 

Allyn Austin Cook was born on 14 February 1927 in Dudley, Illinois.1   In 1951 Cook earned a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with his thesis, “Studies on the disease cycle of Crucifer Black Rot.”   He spent the majority of his professional career at the University of Florida, Gainesville.  “After he retired, he kept himself busy with a vast array of projects.  He developed five new Gardenia varieties, obtained patents on three of them, wrote two books, played duplicate bridge, golfed and bird-watched and was a stamp and coin collector.”1  He died on 3 February 2016 and is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Grandview, Edgar County, Illinois.2

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