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Elisabeth Feil

Elisabeth Gebauer Feil has deposited most of her specimens in the Mecklenburg County Herbarium (UNCC).  The specimens were collected for her Masters degree project, “Floristics and Vegetation of Chimney Rock Park,” completed in 1987 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UNCC holds approximately 1,024 of Ms. Feil’s specimens.  NCU has catalogued only 3 specimens collected by Ms. Feil, though as databasing continues more may be found. 

She was an intern with The Nature Conservancy in 1987 and continues to be an active member of that organization.  For a profile of her work with TNC, see “Supporter Profile:  Elisabeth Feil” in the Winter 2012 edition of Afield.  The photo at the right, by Debbie Crane, is from that publication.  She has also served on the Board of the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, NC.

Portrait of Emma Lewis Lipps

Feil, Elisabeth.  2000.  “A scenic approach to the North Carolina Mountains:  Blue Ridge Parkway tour,” in Exploring North Carolina’s natural areas:  parks, nature preserves, and hiking trails.  Dirk Frankenberg, editor.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press.

Feil, Elisabeth.  1993.  Recovery plan for White Irisette (Sisyrinchium dichotomum Bicknell).  Atlanta, Georgia:  Southeast Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Feil, Elisabeth.  1987.  Floristics and vegetation of Chimney Rock Park.  M.S. Thesis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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