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Joseph Edward Harned
(1 December 1870 – 5 May 1951)

The University of North Carolina Herbarium has catalogued a handful of specimens collected by J.E. Harned.  All were collected in Maryland ca. 1910, and came to NCU in a gift of specimens from HNH in 2002.  Harned was one of the original members of the Southern Appalachians Botanical Club in 1937 (1).


Joseph Edward Harned, undated, in the collection of Thomas Harned

Joseph Edward Harned was born 1 December 1879 in Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland, and died in that same town on 5 May 1951 (2).

Joseph Edward Harned graduated Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science and owned a drugstore in Oakland, Maryland. He authored and privately published “Wildflowers of the Alleghanies” in 1931. 

He was awarded honorary Doctor of Science from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1948.  An excerpt from the College’s alumni magazine of the time noted “Dr. Joseph E. Harned, a successful druggist of Oakland, Maryland, is famous throughout scientific fields as a botanist whose monumental book, “Wild Flowers of the Alleghenies,” fully illustrated, is a veritable encyclopedia of lore concerning the Appalachian flora and lists more than one thousand wild flowers, their histories, and the legends which have grown up around them.” 


PUBLICATIONS (possibly incomplete list)
Harned, Joseph E. (1931)  Wild Flowers of the Alleghanies.  Oakland, Md:  the author.


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