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Fritz Johansen
(1882 - 1957)

Information compiled by Carol Ann McCormick in July, 2013

The University of North Carolina Herbarium (NCU) has catalogued only a handful of specimens collected by Fritz Johansen; all are fungi from Canada.

Images of specimen labels of NCUís fungal collection are available online via

Other herbaria that hold Johansenís botanical specimens include FH and CMN.

Fritz Johansen
Bernard Harbor, Nunavut, 1916 1

Fritz Johansen served as a zoologist on the 1906-1908 Danish Expedition to Greenland led by L. Mylius.In 1913 he joined the Canadian Department of Naval Servicesí Canadian Arctic Expedition, then in the 1920ís he performed marine surveys of Labrador and Hudson Bay for the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries.He died in Denmark in 1957.1, 4

According to the Canadian Museum of Civilization, ďA large bay near the Richardson Islands, on the south coast of Victoria Island, carries Johansenís name to honor his Canadian Arctic Expedition work as a biologist...His published Canadian Arctic Expedition reports are on insect life in the western Arctic, Arctic vegetation and crustaceans.His manuscript on Arctic fishes was never published, but has been of great value in the production of a new work on the fishes of Arctic Canada by the Canadian Museum of Nature.Ē1

Colias johanseni Troubridge & Philip, ďJohansenís SulphurĒ butterfly, named in Fritz Johansenís honor in 1990, has been found only in the type locality near Bernard Harbor, Nunavut, Canada.2, 3ďJohansenís Sulphur is closely related to Meadís Sulphur [C. meadii]of the Rocky Mountain region and to Colias hyperborean Grum-Grschimailo, from northeastern Siberia.The rediscovery of Johansenís Sulphur is an interesting success story.A single specimen was collected by Fritz Johansen in 1916 on a hill near Bernard Harbor and identified as Meadís Sulphur.Since no other specimen resembling it was found again in many years of collecting in northern Canada, the specimen was largely ignored as being mis-labelled, mis-identified, or an aberrant Hecla Sulphur [C. hecla].Jim Troubridge and Kenelm Philip used Johansenís diary to relocate the same hill 72 years later and rediscover this interesting sulphur.Ē3

Canadian Arctic Expedition ships anchored at Bernard Harbor, Nunavut, 1914
photo by Fritz Johansen
Canadian Museum of Civilization #42228




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