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Thomas Francis Lucy

( 7 June 1844 -- 29 October 1906)

Information compiled February 2006 by Carol Ann McCormick,
Assistant Curator of the University of North Carolina Herbarium.

The Unviersity of North Carolina Herbarium has, to date, catalogued only a handful of specimens collected by Dr. Thomas F. Lucy. Several of Lucy's specimens held by NCU are from the "Flora of the Upper Waters of the Susquehanna" project, but how these came to NCU is not recorded. As our entire collection is databased, perhaps more specimens collected by Lucy will be found.


Lucy, T. F. (1881) Notes from Chemung County, New York. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 8(10): 115.
I had the good fortune to find on the fourth of July, 1881, good flowering plants Liatris Loeselii, Richard. It was growing in patches on the moist ledges of the Wellesburg Narrows, amongst moss. In 1874 I found one specimen of Cacalia atriplicifolia, L., at the side of the railroad at Wellesburg, but have never seen another since. May the seed have been dropped from a passing train? I also found one clump of Arisaema Dracontium, Schott, and Lophanthus scrophulariaefolius, Benth., last season on the bank of the Chemung; Lilium superbum, L. also grows sparingly along the Chemung, and in 1874 I found there one specimen of Cassia Marilandica, L.
I will exchange for rare plants from other parts of New York, and desire to correspond with working botanists in all parts of the State.
Lowman, New York
T. F. Lucy, M.D.


For an interesting and informative article on Dr. Lucy, see:

Kelloff, Carol L. and Lee B. Kass (1993) Dr. Thomas F. Lucy: Early botanist of the Chemung River Valley, New York. RHODORA 95: 137-154.


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