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Dr. Andrew Clark Mathews


Information compiled by Lisa Giencke, December 2005


The UNC Herbarium at this time has databased about 60 specimens collected by Dr. Mathews.

Andrew Clark Mathews came to the University of North Carolina to do his graduate work, earning his M.A. and Ph.D. under Dr. William Chambers Coker. His collections are comprised of a few distinct events: a summer spent on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina in 1931; specimens from the UNC campus late spring and early summer 1932; a late spring trip to the Civilian Conservation Corps camp at Southport, North Carolina in 1935. His collections after the completion of his Ph.D. in 1939 are mostly from the Soil Conservation Service Nursery on the Mason Farm Biological Reserve in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The UNC Herbarium has many yet-to-be-databased specimens of experimental grasses collected by Dr. Mathews that were in cultivation by the SCS at Mason Farm.

By 1947, Dr. Mathews was working for the U.S. Forest Service out of Tifton, Georgia, and later became a professor of botany at Clemson University in South Carolina.


Selected Publications:

Mathews, A. C. 1931. The seed-development in Pinus palustris (long leaf pine). -- Master's thesis.

Mathews, A. C. 1939. The morphological and cytological development of the sporophylls and seed of Juniperus virginiana L. - Ph.D. thesis.

Mathews, Andrew C. 1947. Observations on Methods of Increasing the Germination of Panicum anceps Michx. and Paspalum notatum Flugge. Journal of the American Society of Agronomy 39(5): 439-442.


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