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Collectors of the UNC Herbarium

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Perkins
(1873 - 1961?)

Information compiled by Lisa Giencke, December 2005


The UNC Herbarium at this time only has databased a few specimens collected by Dr. Anne Perkins.

Born in Maine in 1873, Dr. Perkins attended Boston University Medical School from 1893-1897. By 1907 she settled in Collins, N.Y. where she spent 25 years working on the medical staff of Gowanda State Hospital.

During her career, Dr. Perkins "in the rather limited spare time that close application to professional duties permitted" came to be regarded as a skilled botanist and ornithologist. She was an astute observer, collecting detailed information on the locations and abundance of some rare plants in western New York. Her botanizing of the area included the Cattaraugus Reservation and localities throughout Erie, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties. She was a frequent contributor not only to scholarly journals in her profession, including American Speech, but also to The Auk, the journal of the American Ornithologists' Union and to Hobbies: The Magazine for Collectors. She was also a Corresponding Member of the Botanical Section of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences.

The few specimens at UNC were collected in Florida after her retirement in 1932. In addition to her many collections from New York and Maine, the Harvard University Herbaria Index of Botanists lists her collecting localities as Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Selected Publications:

Perkins, Anne E. 1920. Bird Notes from Collins, N. Y. The Auk 37(4): 598.

Perkins, Anne E. 1922. Notes from Collins, N. Y. The Auk 39(3): 424.

Perkins, Anne E. 1922. Breeding of the Florida Gallinule in Ontario. The Auk 39(4): 564-565.

Perkins, Anne E. 1927. Notes from Erie County. Torreya 27: 105-106.

Perkins, Anne E. 1929. More Notes on Maine Dialect. American Speech 5(2): 118-131

Perkins, Anne E. 1931. Some unusual plants of Erie County. Hobbies 11(8): 206-211.

Perkins, Anne E. 1935. Notes on Some Rare Birds in Southwestern Maine. The Auk 52(4): 460.

Perkins, Anne E. 1941. Kingbird behavior. The Auk 61(1): 140.


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