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John Frederick Reed

Information compiled by Carol Ann McCormick (August 2005)

The University of North Carolina Herbarium has catalogued about two dozen specimens collected by John F. Reed. All were collected between 1933 and 1935, and most were co-collected with his first spouse, Mildred Gant Stites Reed. Most specimens in the NCU collection came as a gift from the Jesup Herbarium of Dartmouth College in 2002.

John Reed was born 18 November 1911 in Rockport Maine. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from Dartmouth College (1933).

His M.A. thesis at Duke University (1935) was entitled “The relationship of leaf structure of mesophytic forest trees to certain environmental factors,” and his Ph.D. thesis, also at Duke University (1936), was entitled “Root and shoot grown of shortleaf and loblolly pines in relation to certain environmental conditions.”

He held faculty positions at Amarillo Junior College (Amarillo, Texas), Baldwin Wallace College (Berea, Ohio), and the University of Wyoming (Laramie, Wyoming).

John Reed was a university administrator at the University of New Hampshire (Durham, New Hampshire) and Fort Lewis College (Durango, Colorado). The library at Fort Lewis College is named in his honor.

He ended his career at the University of Wisconsin (Green Bay, Wisconsin). He was very active in the Ecological Society of America and on numerous United States government scientific policy boards.

He died in Durango, Colorado on 4 December 1997. He is survived by his spouse, Beatrice, and sons John, Robert, and James.

Lawrence Bliss (1999) Resolution of Respect: John F. Reed (1911 – 1997). Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America).


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