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Information compiled January 2006 by Carol Ann McCormick,
Assistant Curator of the University of North Carolina Herbarium.

Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf


The University of North Carolina Herbarium has catalogued to date a single specimen collected by Suksdorf: Atropis tenuifolia Thurb. (now called Poa tenuifolia Buckley), collected in Klickitat County, Washington Territory, on June 6, 1891. How this specimen came to be in the University of North Carolina Herbarium is not known.

WS (Washington State University in Pullman) holds approximately 30,000 of Suksdorf's specimens. According to the Harvard Herbaria Database, other institutions holding Suksdorf's specimens include A, B, BM, BR, BUF, C, CAS, CM, CORD, CUP, DBN, E, F, GH, GOET, K, L, LD, M, MANCH, MICH, MIN, MO, MPU, MSC, NA, NY, NYS, ORE, OSC, P, PH, US (2,000 specimens), WRSL, WSP, WTU.

A short biography of Suksdorf was written by Rhoda M. Love and appeared in the Fall 1998 issue of Pacific Northwest Quarterly. 

Other works that discuss Suksdorf’s life and science:

Howard, Grace E. (1955)  Lichens of northwest America collected by W.N. Suksdorf.  The Bryologist 58(1):  49-64.
Lange, Erwin F. (1955)  Pioneer botanists of the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon Historical Quarterly 57(2):  108-124.
Jones, George Neville (1933)  William N. Suksdorf.  The Washington Historical Quarterly 24(2):  128-129.


PUBLICATIONS (incomplete list):

Suksdorf, W.N. (1931)  Untersuchungen in der Gattung Amsinckia.  Werdenda 1:  47-113.
Suksdorf, Wilhelm (1923)  A new Saxifrage from Oregon,” in Shorter Notes.  Torreya 23(6):  106-107.


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