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Jan. - Feb. 2004:
In the Footsteps of Andre Michaux? by Alan S. Weakley (Harry LeGrand's re-discovery of Paronychia herniarioides in NC)
March - April 2004:
The Curious Case of the Disappearing Asters by Alan S. Weakley (recent changes to Aster nomenclature)
May - June 2004:
A new Flora for the Old Dominion by Alan S. Weakley (Flora of Virginia project)
July - August 2004:
What is a "sycamore?" ... & other uncommon common names by Alan S. Weakley
Sept. - Oct. 2004:
Ferns of the Southeastern United States by Lisa M. Giencke (databasing of NCU's fern collection)
Jan. - Feb. 2003:
Christmas gifts in the Herbarium by Alan S. Weakley (transferring Dartmouth Herbarium specimens to UNC Herbarium)
March - April 2003:
The “Piedmont laurel” and William Chambers Coker by Alan S. Weakley (Piedmont disjuncts)
May - June 2003:
A new lily in the Carolinas? by Alan S. Weakley (Lilium pyrophilum)
May - June 2003:
A new lily and the Southeast’s unique flora by Peter S. White (endemics of the southeastern United States)
July - August 2003:
Meadow Clams by Alan S. Weakley (rare plant conservation in NC)
Sept. - Oct. 2003:
Sleuthing in the UNC Herbarium by Carol Ann McCormick (Amsonia ludoviciana specimens & re-introduction to Mississippi)
Sept. - Oct. 2003:
Lisa Giencke hired as first Mary McKee Felton Herbarium Intern
Nov. - Dec. 2003:
The Piedmont -- the in-between land? by Alan S. Weakley (Piedmont endemics)
Jan. - Feb. 2002:
An orchid by any other name... by Carol Ann McCormick (Spiranthes eatonii nomenclature and annotation of herbarium specimens)
March - April 2002:
An old lamp sheds new light by Richard LeBlond (Solidago villosicarpa and the value of herbaria in discovering new species of plants)
May - June 2002:
Alan Weakley named Curator of the UNC Herbarium
Sept. - Oct. 2002:
Carl Sandburg, The Confederate States of America and the UNC Herbarium by Carol Ann McCormick (Edward Read Memminger and using herbarium specimens to target present-day plant finding)
Nov. - Dec. 2002:
Tropical flotsam and jetsam by Alan S. Weakley (Ipomoea pes-caprae in NC)
Sept. - Oct. 2001:
The art and science of preserving plants by Carol Ann McCormick (herbarium labels)

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