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Weakley's Flora


Herbarium Basics
What is an Herbarium?
How to Collect Plants
How to Construct and Use Identification Devices
Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms and Terminology, originally developed by Dr. Albert E. Radford, but out of print now for a number of years.

Herbaria & Museums
Clemson Herbarium
Colorado State University Herbarium

The Harvard University Herbaria

Index Herbariorum
Missouri Botanical Garden
Museum of Paleontology (UC - Berkeley)
New York Botanical Garden (NYBG)
Rocky Mountain Herbarium
UCM Botany/Herbarium Section
The University of California (Berkeley) - Jepson Herbaria
The University of New Mexico Herbarium (UNM)
Texas A & M University Herbarium (TAMU)

Invasive Plants
INVADERS Database System
Invasive Alien Plants of Virginia
Invasive Species Home Page
Southeastern Exotic Pest Plant Council (SE-EPPC)

Medicinal, Edible & Poisonous Plants
American Botanical Council Online
American Herbalists Guild Home Page
American Society of Pharmacognosy
Chili Pepper page
Cyberbotanica: Plant Compounds and Chemotherapy
North Carolina State - Poisonous Plants
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Plants for a Future (database)
Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms of North Carolina
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine Home Page
University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden Home Page

Native Plants, Animals, Birds & Fish
Animal Diversity Web (Univesity of Michigan)
Butterflies of North America
Carnivorous Plant Archive
Checklist of North American Birds
Flowers of the 50 States
Moths of North America
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory Herpetology Lab
USEPA, GREEN ACRES: Green Landscaping with Native Plants

Parks, Government Agencies & Conservation
Center for Plant Conservation
Denali National Park, Alaska
Endangered Species Act of 1973 (US Fish & Wildlife)
Great Plains Landscapes of Biological Significance
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
National Biological Information Infrastructure
National Park Service
National Plant Germplasm System
North Carolina Conservation
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
North Carolina National Forests
North Carolina Natural Heritage Program
Plant Conservation Alliance Website
Plant Protection and Quarantine Home Page
Tennessee State Parks
The Nature Conservancy
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Endangered Species Homepage
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - North Carolina Endangered Species Homepage
USGS - Biological Resources Division
USGS - Real-time Water Table Data
USGS- Water Resources of North Carolina

Primitive Land Plants

Bryophyte Home Page - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Introduction to Pteridophytes (ferns & fern allies)
Pteridophytes - Flora of North America (FNA)
Pteridophytes Overview - Texas A&M
Pteridophytes - Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (ASSESSMENT OF

Professional Societies

American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT)
Association of Southeastern Biologists
Botanical Societies and International Botanical Organizations Links
(Norton-Brown Herbarium, UMD)
Botanical Society of America
Flora of Virginia Project
International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT)
Institute for Systematic Botany
Natural Science Collections Alliance
The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
Systematic Biology Home Page
Weed Science Society of America

Taxonomy & Floras
Angiosperm Phylogeny
Biota of North America Program (BONAP)
Botanical Nomenclature

Bryophyte Home Page (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
CalFlora (University of California - Berkeley)
Checklist of Tennessee Vascular Plants (TENN)
DELTA: DEscription Language for TAxonomy
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
Flora Of North America
Flora of the Washington-Baltimore Area / Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution
Flowering Plant Gateway (Texas A&M)
Fruit Key (California State University)
IOPI Database of Plant Databases
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code, adopted 1993)
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (St. Louis Code, adopted 1999)
International Code of Flowering Plant Family Identification (Colby College)
International Plant Names Index
Index Nominum Genericorum
Kentucky Atlas of Julian Campbell
Lichen Identification (Oregon State University)
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery (plants of OK & TX)
Pteridophytes - Flora of North America (FNA)
USDA PLANTS National Database
Weblift to Taxa Exhibit (UC - Berkeley)

4000 Years of Women in Science
American Biology Teacher Journal
An Online Biology Book
The Biology Project (Arizona)
CELLS alive!
Center for Teaching and Learning (UNC-Chapel Hill)
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Evolution (UC - Berkeley)
General Plant Biology (Ohio State)
Geological Time Machine (UC-Berkeley)
Introduction to Pteridophytes (ferns & fern allies)
Journal of College Science Teaching
National Association of Biology Teachers
National Science Teachers Association
New Scientist Planet Science: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
Online Texts
Photosynthesis Directory
Survey of the Plant Kingdom (Manhattan College)
Texas A & M Botany - Teaching Projects
Flowering Plant Gateway
Pteridophytes Overview
Virtual Courseware for Science Education

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