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Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States

by Alan S. Weakley

UNC Herbarium, North Carolina Botanical Garden, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States
May 2015 version
Coverage, pictured to the right, is now of the states of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, and parts of Florida (northern and Panhandle counties), Louisiana (Florida Parishes), and New Jersey (Coastal Plain counties). Arrangement of families (and genera within families, increasingly) is phylogenetic.

  • Download May 2015 version (65MB)
  • FloraQuest, an app for iOS devices, connects you with everything you need to know about naturally occurring plants in the Southern & Mid-Atlantic States. FloraQuest is available from the App Store -- see for information.

Past versions of Weakley's Flora are available here.

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Flora data in spreadsheet format
These files range in size from 60KB to 500KB. The .zip files are smaller.

  • Weakley's Flora 2010 List: .csv | .zip
  • Weakley's Flora 2006 → 2010 Translation: .csv | .zip
  • Synonymy of Weakley's Flora 2010 → Radford, Ahles, and Bell (1968): .csv | .zip
  • Synonymy of Weakley's Flora 2010 → all available references: .csv | .zip

The Flora is a large document (over 1000 pages) and navigating through this vast amount of information can be challenging. To make navigation easier:

  • Click any link in the table of contents to view that family
  • Press the "bookmarks" button on your PDF reader to show the major headings of the document, including each family and genus. You can view any section by clicking on the bookmark. You can also expand and collapse the bookmarks with the "+" and "-" boxes next to a header.
    screenshot of PDF bookmarks

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