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Test of tablet page sizes for the Southeastern Flora

More and more affordable tablets have hit the markets, and we would like to make The Flora easier to use on these devices. To do so, we are seeking feedback as to how well various page sizes and font sizes fit on your device. Please open up this feedback page - perhaps on your computer, then open each of the following PDFs on your tablet and let us know how they work. There are versions targeted for different types of tablets, but another might work better for yours.

We are primarily interested in whether the page size works and if the font is legible. The formatting is not perfect, particularly where tabs are used, for example in the keys. But our hope is that it one of these formats will be more usable than the full flora pdf. If you have more than one tablet, please do this once for each tablet.

Many thanks!

--Michael Lee and Alan Weakley

Target Tablet10 pt font12 pt font14 pt font16 pt font
Kindle Fire (original) n/a Kindle Fire 12pt Kindle Fire 14pt Kindle Fire 16pt
Nexus 7 (also Kindle Fire HD) n/a Nexus7 12pt Nexus7 14pt Nexus7 16pt
iPadiPad 10pt iPad 12pt iPad 14pt n/a
Once again, the feedback page

An alternate approach: dividing the flora into several parts. Some have reported that the full flora version works fine on a tablet. The problem is that it's slow. An attempt to circumvent that is breaking the flora into 4 parts:

Unforunately, the phyogenetic sorting order of the dicots means the families are not alphabetical.